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Treating Customers Fairly Policy


Treating our customers fairly is not only an FCA guiding principle, it is a business essential for Forexmax’s future growth.

Globalisation and instant access to information, products and services has changed the way our customers do business - customers expect more, want more and they can get more elsewhere if they are not happy with their manager.

Our aim is not just to “service” our customers, but to provide a consistent experience that meets our customers’ needs throughout all areas of our business. And we need to continuously look for new ways to exceed their expectations. This needs to be considered at all stages of our product, business and customer life cycles.

What does TCF really mean to Forexmax?

TCF is not a slogan or a cliché. Just quoting TCF principles won’t get us very far. TCF needs to be part of a disciplined process that helps us focus on developing and delivering excellent products and services to all our customers. Every member of staff needs to understand, believe in and conduct their business with TCF in mind.

Strategic Vision

Forexmax’s strategic vision is to be one of the world’s leading financial investment services companies - unlocking the financial markets’ rich potential for all and leveraging our international presence to meet our customers’ needs virtually anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. A company that is preferred to others because of its ability to connect with customers, exceed their expectations and help them better realize their financial objectives.

This vision will be achieved through strong leadership; by attracting and retaining high calibre employees; offering a wide range of technologically advanced and user-friendly products, trading tools and; offering personalised service and superior education.

Forexmax’s priorities are to continuously improve the total customer experience, (continuing to evolve the principles of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’), to invest in developing Forexmax’s brand reputation and encouraging all employees to live our brand values in their daily activities, and to improve employee and customer engagement and feedback.

Our vision is more than mere words - to be effective, it needs to be ingrained into the very fabric of Forexmax and become second nature for all staff. Whatever we say we stand for has to be based on reality and we have to be able to substantiate our claims. In the heat of a crisis, people don’t reach for the newly written mission statement - they are guided by ingrained values that have been at work consistently and over time.

Intense Customer Focus

To become a leading investment services brand we need to have an intense customer focus, and consistently factor our customers’ expectations and preferences into everything we do.

An intense customer focus will build trust and credibility that is central to developing a strong Forexmax brand-customer relationship.

Our customers create value for us but equally we need to create value for our customers. The commercial activities we need to do to make money, need to be balanced against an assessment of what it will take to acquire and keep our customers in an increasingly competitive global economy. That means continuously connecting with all our customers (no matter how big or small their account size) in the process of value creation.

Therefore, our products and services should be designed around our customers. To achieve this, we need to accumulate knowledge about our customers, through past transactions and solicited input, and leverage this knowledge to nurture relationships through the provision and evolution of better products, services, customisation and customer care.

How TCF affects Forexmax’s customers

Forexmax’s objective is fair treatment of customers, rather than just customer satisfaction. We recognise that TCF is more than customer satisfaction. We aim for high retention rates and referrals by existing customers of new ones. It must be easy for customers to send us their feedback about levels of satisfaction, but also to communicate easily about the service they have provided including complaints.

How TCF affects Forexmax’s business

TCF gives rise to obligations in all areas of Forexmax. The objectives might be summarised by division as follows:
Directors: To set the TCF culture and communicate standards of customer care down through the firm. Ensure TCF-related issues are included at meetings.

Trading and sales: To maintain a strong working relationship with our broker to deal at fair and transparent prices, provide best execution where relevant and timely execution. Observe conduct of business rules relating to dealing, managing and advising. We make sure that our clients are offered appropriate products and services. Where advice is offered, we intend to ensure that the advice given is suitable and appropriate to the clients’ requirements and circumstances. We recognise that product, TCF, AML and Compliance training are an integral part of our responsibilities as they are the point of contact with and sale to the customer.

Marketing: TCF must be embedded in the marketing literature. This means appropriate risk warnings, stating that certain products are unsuitable for certain types of client. Provide ongoing educational improvement facilities for clients, online, in brochures and face-to face. Ensure all financial promotions are clear, fair and not misleading.
Compliance: To build TCF into the procedures particularly the compliance manual. Continuously monitor Forexmax’s adherence to TCF principles and outcomes, reporting progress and exceptions to the Directors. Provide training sessions and workshops for staff in TCF matters. To act as a central consulting point internal to the firm for TCF queries and the main point of contact with FCA on TCF matters.

IT: To provide a continuous and reliable service to the firm as a whole to allow clear and timely communications with clients. Constantly strive to improve the technical level of service for clients. Develop management information systems to allow assessment and monitoring of TCF matters.

Operations: To minimise the incidence of customer complaints about administration, Ensure reconciliations are performed timely and correctly to enable correction of errors on customer accounts.
Client Services: To minimise the incidence of customer complaints about service standards and where appropriate escalate to relevant management. Keep abreast of industry best practice in client service levels. Answer phones promptly and deal with queries quickly efficiently and politely. Ensure prompt despatch of client communications such as customer agreements.

HR: To vet new employees and ensure competence appraisals contain a TCF assessment element. Bonuses will be affected by TCF outcomes.

Measuring and monitoring success

We intend to continually collect, analyse and use information about our client service and product sales to identify ways to improve our service to our clients. We intend to escalate information to senior management to ensure appropriate consideration of significant matters.


In simple terms, we aim to:
1. Make everything in & around Forexmax consistent in:
- Purpose
- Performance
- Communication

2. Isolate prospects and customers as individuals and understand and meet their precise trading needs.

3. Establish an on-going dialogue with prospects and customers at all times.

4. Use customer and employee feedback to evolve/tailor our products and services.

This will then enable us to build a continuing and loyal relationship with our customers - to their greater benefit and Forexmax’s greater profit.

Risk Warning: Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of loss in excess of your deposited funds and may not be suitable for all investors.
Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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